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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Christian Tools: Online Christian Radio Programs

I wasn't able to go to church today because of events beyond my control. But praise God that He has given handicap people like me numerous resources to draw upon and still make sunday a great day for God.

Of course this is not a substitute for going to a church and thereby providing a testimony as a group of our beliefs, and also having an occasion for fellowship with Christian friends and acquiantances and guests. However, they can certainly help and I believe at times God arranges your circumstances in the best possible way that will make you grow as a Christian.

I know since this day has already become a blessing for me.

The resources I speak of are Christian radio programs available on the internet. Before, they were just heard on American Christian radio stations but through internet technology, they are now accessible all around the world.

The programs that I like are the following:

RZIM Radio Ministry (A program and you can download for free in mp3 format

TURNING POINT by Dr. David Jeremiah (Streaming)

Enduring Truth by Pastor Paul Sheppard (Streaming)

In case you want other Christian radio programs, just visit


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