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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Offer

A wealthy man approaches a squatters area and tells the settlers there that he bought a big land in another place and he will be building houses for them there for free. He only asks the people to notify in advance by signing a document if they intend to accept the offer since he will only build the number of home units based on those who accepted the offer.

Some accepted the offer immediately. But others were skeptical. Is this guy for real? Why sign his paper of acceptance maybe he is into some scam and this may get us into trouble? Will there be work there? Does he really have that much land and money to give away houses?

So in short others accepted and some did not.

When the project was finished those who accepted where whisked away in vans and trucks to be taken to their new homes.

When those who did not accept visited their former neighbors, they were surprised to see finely built homes, in nice and clean neighborhoods with workplaces nearby and other business opportunities.

They asked the man if they can still get a chance at the offer. The man said sorry of course since he did not count those who refused to sign when he gave the offer.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Great Commission Companies

I haven't been able to read the book but it is a very concept of merging evangelism and business. The authors of the book discuss the basics in these two articles.

Building a Great Commission Company

Example of a Great Commission Company: Pura Vida Coffee

Excerpts from the Book:

Monday, October 10, 2005

Did Judas have free will?

What a question and albeit a difficult one!

I am of the opinion that Judas had free will and at the same time he was the one predestined to betray Jesus. Huh!? Judas could've chosen not to go on with the betrayal but God knew what was in heart and God just knew that Judas cannot withstand such pressure from Satan. Remember that God is all-knowing. Plus He allowed this for a greater purpose.

I also think that Judas did not merely betray Jesus because of the 30 pieces of silver. I think the bigger motivation was his disappointment that Jesus did not fit the mold of the idea of the majority of Jews of what a messiah should be. This was an ideology and it is stronger than any financial gain.

Actually this question gives birth to two more interesting questions.

1. If Judas repented of his sins and accepted Jesus as Lord, and did not commit suicide, would he have been forgiven and be with Christ as well in Heaven?

The answer is YES! Judas after such a mistake could have repented and ask God for forgiveness. Throughout biblical history we saw this in the great heroes of faith like Moses, David and even the prostitute Rahab! Remember as well that Jesus' death and resurrection is for all sinners who will admit their sins, repent and accept Christ into their lives.

2. Is Judas really the main culrpit in Jesus' death? You can also include here the Sanhedrin as well right?
This was the root of the controversy in movie the "Passion of the Christ" right? That Jews are being depicted as killers of God.

If you watched the Passion movie and got angry at Jews and the multitudes who were crying for blood then you got it all wrong! Jesus died for your sins, my sins and the sins of the whole world! So it wrong to say that Judas or the Sanhedrin or Pilate killed Jesus. Mel Gibson symbolized it well when he used his hand as the hand which hammered the nail on Jesus' hands. We (all of us) were the ones who crucified Christ not just Judas, the Sanhedrin or Pilate or the Roman soldiers.

Now should you hate yourself because Jesus died due to your sins? No! Jesus did not come here to condemn. He was not angry at us. He knows we cannot solve this on our own. That is the reason He came for us because He loves us and wants us to be with him in His Kingdom forever.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Adoniram Judson (1788 - 1850)

One of the best stories about people finding God came in this biography of Adoniram Judson. I hope God will touch your heart with this story.

Adoniram Judson (1788 - 1850)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Starting Your Day!

How do you start your day? I usually start mine by reading the Daily Bread. Now I can access it for free online. Check it out and you get a new free devotional reading everyday.

Our Daily Bread

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Bible in MP3

If you'd like to listen to the Bible to supplement your reading then the web provides some free mp3 downloads.
NIV (Download per book)
World English Bible (Download per chapter)

Monday, October 03, 2005

From the Clutches of Defeat

Just like a basketball game, life is a series of ups and downs. Sometimes when we feel that we were at rock bottom we look for somebody to help us get out of this rut we find ourselves into. The helping hand could come in the form of assistance from a person, a new job or even an event. It’s when we can’t get out of a tough situation that we look for somebody, anybody to throw us a lifeline.

In basketball we have seen players occasionally defy the agony of losing. What makes the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or Reggie Miller standout in our minds whenever we talk about the greats of NBA basketball? Curiously, during NBA highlight programs we are rarely shown the number of trophies these players have won and even the number of championships they got are just mentioned as an afterthought. The more striking and dramatic parts of such programs come when we see these players do unbelievable things to win a ballgame. Games in which their teams had already one foot or even 90% of their bodies in the grave only to walk off the court jubilant and a leave a crowd in disbelief of what they saw.

Do you remember when Bird stole the game against the Pistons? Of course you do. How about when Magic hit what he called as a “junior hook” to seal Game 4 of the NBA Finals? Just like Bird no one expected the shot from Magic. He knew that Kareem could beat them with one skyhook but not Magic. In Game 5 of the NBA Finals a visibly sick Michael Jordan scored 38 points and made the winning shot to lead the Bulls over the Jazz 90-88. Finally in one of the most mind-boggling finishes in NBA history, Reggie Miller scored 8 straight points in 8.9 seconds to beat the Knicks by two 107-105 in the NBA playoffs. These guys literally grabbed victory from the clutches of defeat.

Two thousand years ago a man saved his fellowmen not only from the grasp of defeat but death as well. He changed how the game of life shall be played.

I am talking about Jesus Christ.

Two thousand years ago man’s idea of saving his soul was follow the law, do the traditions. It doesn’t matter what he does for others, it doesn’t matter what’s in his heart. As long as he follows the law like sacrificing animals for payment of his sins then he is ok. If you compare this to a basketball game, man was like going through the motions of the game, putting up jump shots, fancy dribbles because the game was almost over either they have won by a blowout or about to lose in the same fashion. However, by this time man was going through the motions not only in the final seconds but their whole lives. They felt that that their usual animal sacrifices would be enough to pay for their sins. Eternal defeat was certain until Jesus came to the picture.

You see God is a good and just God. In order for him to be just, God must punish the sinners like the faithless, degenerates, murderers, sex peddlers, sorcerers, idolaters and ALL LIARS. Liars? That means everybody right? It’s like scooping up the whole of humanity. Is that it man is doomed? So what did Jesus do?

Like the great coach that He is God had a plan. He loves us so much that he won’t just let us go to hell. God sent in Jesus. The Son of God became man. Instead of punishing man Jesus absorbed the punishment. Instead of animals for sacrifice, it was Jesus who died for our sins. Jesus was there hanging and dying on the cross for us. Then the winning moment came in. Three days later Jesus was gone from His tomb resurrected, while man’s sins are washed away. What a victory!

It was the greatest win in human history! Do you want to be a part of this ultimate victory? Do you want to receive that eternal life? It is simple as asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. Read the links below…

Am I good enough to go to Heaven? The Ten Commandments and you

Is Jesus the Answer to Your Questions?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The story of Julius Hickerson

One of the benefits already for this Sunday is hearing the story Julius Hickerson. He was a doctor by profession but decided to go as a medical missionary in Colombia when he heard God's calling for him. It seemed that nothing was happening to this ministry until he died of a plane crash. What followed his death was the conversion of many in Colombia.

You can read the story in this article by Pastor Dan Baumgartner. The story can be found in the 6th to the last paragraph.

"Take and Read" by Pastor Dan Baumgartner

Christian Tools: Online Christian Radio Programs

I wasn't able to go to church today because of events beyond my control. But praise God that He has given handicap people like me numerous resources to draw upon and still make sunday a great day for God.

Of course this is not a substitute for going to a church and thereby providing a testimony as a group of our beliefs, and also having an occasion for fellowship with Christian friends and acquiantances and guests. However, they can certainly help and I believe at times God arranges your circumstances in the best possible way that will make you grow as a Christian.

I know since this day has already become a blessing for me.

The resources I speak of are Christian radio programs available on the internet. Before, they were just heard on American Christian radio stations but through internet technology, they are now accessible all around the world.

The programs that I like are the following:

RZIM Radio Ministry (A program and you can download for free in mp3 format

TURNING POINT by Dr. David Jeremiah (Streaming)

Enduring Truth by Pastor Paul Sheppard (Streaming)

In case you want other Christian radio programs, just visit